How to Approach Playing a Blues Shuffle

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by Perry Senn updated Jan. 25, 2021


Shuffle" and you of course say "Yes"...
Then you start hearing that there is a Chicago-style Blues feel and a Texas-style blues feel.
As far as I can tell from years of playing blues gigs with blues bands... It kinda comes down to whether your band is playing from a Chicago-style vs. Texas-style type of shuffle...
There can be varying ideas about "which" shuffle style people are playing... And there may be far more qualified people than me to discern that...
So, with that out of the way... However, to try and be helpful to those drummers inexperienced -or not having played Blues Shuffles for hundreds of hours yet...

Blues Shuffle Beat Structure

This is probably the simplest we can start out looking into the shuffle - just the basic beat without getting too far into the intricacies.

Here’s how this strategy works:

First, type a broad topic idea into Google Images.

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